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There is still time to volunteer for the Maine Blues Festival: click on links below

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 volunteers2016 Volunteer Schedule draft

F2016 Volunteer Schedule

Information Booths

Rite Aid: Booth Leader— Christy

(X2) 9:00-Noon—Laura Caret

Raeann Demos

(X2) Noon-3:00—Clay & Carol Johnson

(X2) 3:00-6:00— Courtney Estes

April Barter

6:00-9:00—-Rae Duval

Freedom: Booth Leader-Sue Guptill

(X2) 11:00-2:00—Deb Marlowe

Joanne Reedy

(X2) 2:00-5:00—-Dorothy Sullivan

Karin Sinclair

5:00-7:30—-Dave (Christy’s friend)

Andrea Winn

Village Green: Booth Leader- Anne Marie Ray

8:30-11:00—Terri Powell

11:00-2:00—Ted Marlowe

2:00-5:00—-Kevin Munson

Causeway: Booth Leader—Avis Hayward

9:00-Noon—Laurie Pelletier

Lisa Gilbert

Noon-3:00—Angie Cook

Brendon Cook (XL)

3:00-6:00—-Ashley Gallinari

Dawne Gallinari


Kevin Judkins


Bray’s Noon-3:00—Mike Brown

3:00-6:00— Lesli Olson

6:00-10:00—Jim Page

Sandy’s 6:30-900 —-Lorie Olson

Freedom 7:30-10:00—????????????

Merced’s 1:00-4:00—-Peter Eliot

Mitch Ambrose

4:00-7:00—-Steve Littlefield

7:00- 10:00—Chad?

Capt’n Jack’s 1:00-4-00—-Josh Pollard

4:00-7:00—-Cathy Fiske


River Queen Kevin Judkins (all 3 cruises)

Crossing Guards

Merced,’s 1:00-3:00—Tina Christophersen

3:00-5:00—Thomas Nash

5:00-7:00—Neola Lussier

Evergreen 12:00-3:00—


Freedom 12:-3:00— Stacey Thurston



Bray’s 11:30-2:30—Erv Reedy

2:30-5:30— Amy Maheux

5:30-8:00—Amy Maheux

All day Gophers:

Jeff Preble, Chad Pinkham, Ruth York,